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About Greenmoore Enterprises

Driven by Success

Our Mission

GreenMoore Enterprises Pty. Ltd. is dedicated to providing quality equipment to our customers at a fair price, together with a commitment to provide quality service and support that our industry expects and demands.


Company History

GreenMoore Enterprises Pty. Ltd. was established in 1993 by Richard M. Green and Hugh J. Moore to take over the distribution of Plastics Machinery from Cincinnati Milacron International Marketing Company (Australian Branch).


Having operated in Australia as Cincinnati Milacron Australia from 1981 until 1993, corporate decisions were made to move to a distributor network instead of direct Sales Offices in all parts of the world including Australia. At the height of Cincinnati Milacron Australia in personnel terms there were 33 people employed.


The Plastics Division of that company was headed by Richard Green who had transferred from the previous agent in 1981 after 12 years as the Sales Representative in Australia and New Zealand. As the last General Manager of Cincinnati Milacron Australia, the opportunity arose to begin a new company to take over the role in this part of the world.  Mr. Hugh Moore, who was Sales Manager for Injection Moulding machinery and Mattec at the time of closure, became the partner in the new business. Hugh had spent a total of 11 years in a service and sales role with Cincinnati Milacron prior to the formation of GreenMoore. When the changeover occurred, GreenMoore employed two Service Technicians who were fully trained in the Plastics field, with a long history in the industry and an Accountant from Cincinnati Milacron.


Since 1994, we have employed two additional full time staff and two part time staff. We have opened offices in both Adelaide (1996) and Sydney (1998) to allow us to grow with our customers needs and to provide the level of support that is required. GreenMoore began with a sales budget of A$ 4,000,000 per year, which has now reached an average in excess of A$ 6,000,000 per year.


Over the years of operation we have strived to keep our personnel up to date with the latest technology advances of all our Principals by sending them on regular visits to the factories overseas and to the NPE and K Exhibitions in Chicago and Düsseldorf.

Our Systems

Health, safety and environmental considersations are fully integrated into our business through risk assessment and hazard identification.  Our work places, processes and training programmes are designed so that they -

  • Protect the health and safety of the people who work for us.

  • Comply with applicable laws, regulations and corporate requirements.

  • Identify potential risk and manage those risks.


Our Responsibility

Each employee has a personal responsibility to comply with this policy.  Our leaders are accountable to communicate with requirements of this policy to all our employees, contractors and visitors and to involve them in its implementation.


No work is so important that it must be undertakan without a clear understanding of a safe method that minimizes the risk of injury and environmental harm, and a commitment to follow that method.


All health, safety and environmental programmes are audited on a regular basis to confirm and improve our performance against the requirements of this policy.


Our Commitment

We are a medium-scale company committed to supplying and servicing the plastics industry in an efficient, safe and environmentally responsible manner.  To this end we will -

  • Conduct our business in a way that maintains a safe and healthy workplace of our employees , contractors, visitors and surrounding community.

  • Use all resources efficiently.

  • Protect the environmental during all stages of maintenance and installations.

  • Provide resources to manager our health, safety and environmental performance.


Our Goals

We will set high standards to continue to improve our performance as we strive to achieve our goals of zero injuries, zero occupational related illness, zero equipment damage and zero environmental incidents.

Above all else, our customers come first.

Our expertise is in Epicor Mattec MES (Manufacturing Execution System) and Business Analytics for Epicor Mattec MES.

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